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Lee Hurst, Also known as MastaLee

Music Producer and Musician

  • Lee Hurst has been in the music business for over 26 years, After many years on the road as a working bassist and producer for legendary artist such as Tomi Jenkins and Nathan Leftenant of the funk band Cameo, he decided to focus and hone his skills more on music production, Thats when Lee began to come into his own as a creative force.

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Musical Recordings

As an experienced Music Producer, Lee Hurst Music can help offer their creative perspective and keen ear to your music in meaningful and productive ways. Whether it’s polishing off an album, or putting the final touches on a single song, Lee Hurst Music can help you with the final steps towards getting your stuff out there with their professionally produced tracks.


Produced 3 Songs on Liz Toussaint

Quality Sounds

Liz Toussaint is a very talented up and coming country music artist who's been paying her dues for years,  She is definitely one of my favorite artist to create with. I see nothing but great things in her future. It was a pleasure to help her express her musical vision.

Tenette Smith-Indie Soul Singer/Songwriter 

Inspiring Tunes

I’m currently working on Tenette's first project. She is a true soul singer with a great voice and great stage presence.

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Carlin Taylor

Southern Soul

Carlin Taylor is one of Southern Souls Finest, an emerging artist that has captivated audiences around the country.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Lee Hurst Music for more information.

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Produced 4 tracks for the film Gone By Dawn

Lee Hurst Music currently produces music for a diverse array of artists. Recognized as a leading Atlanta area Music Producer, Lee Hurst Music has joined forces with many successful and up-and-coming artists to help with their music production efforts. Learn more about Lee Hurst Music by scrolling through the site.

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Atlanta Ga.

(678) 749-8332

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